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Our campers didn't actually spend the night in the studio this week. But if they did, these amazing people would have had one epic slumber party!

Day 1 - "Sleepover Party" Sewing Camp: our first day of camp this week got off to a great start! We will be sewing the essentials needed for the next great sleepover: pillowcase, drawstring backpack, drawstring bag and lounge pants. Let's get the party started!


Day 2 and 3 -"Sleepover Party" Sewing Camp: Our young stitchers are working on the next great slumber party! We constructed pillowcases and drawstring backpacks to carry all our overnight items. All the students are thoughtful, careful and pay attention to every last detail. Job well done!


Day 4 and 5 -"Sleepover Party" Sewing Camp: We had a great last couple of days of camp - productive and fun! All the young stitchers completed their drawstring backpacks and lounge pants. So proud of all of them!

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