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The Sewing Garage is a textile design studio based in Tarpon Springs, FL. 


I learned to sew at an early age from my mother, although she says I got my creative talent from her two sisters: my Aunt Charlotte (an artist) and my Aunt Pauline (a quilter, knitter and crochetter).  At the local rec center, I took a beginning sewing class and still remember the ruffled patchwork pillow I made.  I enjoyed sewing in Home Economics in middle school, making puppets and a pretend chocolate cake with icing. In high school, I continued to practice my sewing skills, making garments for myself, including jean skirts, shorts, and even my prom dress.  


In college, I continued my love for sewing and started making quilts.  I had the honor of taking an art class with Faith Ringgold, a painter, writer, speaker, mixed media sculptor and performance artist who is probably best known for her narrative quilts.  Combining art, storytelling and quilting, she was able to tell her story in a new way, which was so inspirational.  

I renewed my love of garment making when I started working as a stitcher in a costume shop for a professional theatre company in Los Angeles.  At the shop, I've been challenged and learned new skills, tailoring and alteration techniques.  


I operate the Sewing Garage full time, teaching sewing to children and adults and designing bags and garments.  I love textiles, creating, learning new techniques, and making up things as I go along.  I wish to share this joy through my work and with others.   

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