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Day 1 of our "Day at the Beach" Sewing Camp. We learned the different parts of the sewing machine, practiced stitching straight lines and curves and talked about different types of garments and seam allowances. Students practiced their skills and made pin cushions. We looked at the samples and planned our projects before visiting the fabric store. We were so busy working I forgot to take pictures of my students! More pics tomorrow as we get to work!


Day 2 of Sewing Camp: We started work on our first project, a beach tote bag! The students learned how to read, trace and cut out the patterns. Next, it was time to sew together the bag, carefully pinning the pieces, sewing straight lines and curves, and adding the straps. We completed our bags and still had free time at the end of the day to make pillows. Everyone did a fantastic job!


Day 3 and 4 of Sewing Camp: three shorts, two drawstring bags, and one skirt. My students are super stars! They love to create, come up with new ideas and are open to trying new things. "Sew" much fun!


Day 5 - "Day at the Beach" Sewing Camp: We concluded our first week of camp! We had a day of free time, and the students were busy making pillows, a felt purse, and started on a couple of felt stuffed animals (a work in progress). I am so grateful to have these two amazing human beings as my first students this summer. But this is not goodbye, as they will be returning in the next weeks for more sewing fun!

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